• Natural-X

    The idea for Natural-X began in 1977 when I got my first surf board, and emerged moor fully in 2008 in a very special moment. During an IRON MAN - Triathlon Competition in KARNTEN AUSTRIA.

    I had a lot of time to think. And I wandered how it feels to ride on a dolphin?
    The next day a fantastic journey began .

    Natural-X developed nine surfboards models in four years. Inspired by Dolphins, Sharks, Whiles and Mantas, choosing the big families. Each one is living right now, in different places around the world, and each has its own personal story.

    Natural-X customizes everything from competitive short boards up to fun and long boards. The board is one of a kind.We use a Computer Aided Design [CAD] program that helps to shape any model required. The details are hand made by professional shaper . Using different cover Fabrics like carbon fiber, fiberglass with carbon rienforcements,
    Natural-X design concept, is revolutionary.  Using "symmetrical/ non-symmetrical" shaping and panting techniques.Emphasizing the animal characters, body, nose, tail, colors and eyes.
    Choosing three colors black, White and gray. These unique combinations create a new form of art- surf expression.
    Natural-X offer special features like the Upper Channels for hand grips and swallows Dolphin Tail.
     Using ''Shark-Skin Technology'', a thin layer on the bottom that holds air between the water and the board, generating more speed, better flotation and radical maneuvers that gives surfing an Exclusive feeling.

    Natural-X includes research and learning of the World marine's big spices. Discovering new species and some disturbing Eco problems. Working with varies organizations that are engaged in incredible afferents to protect those animals.

    Natural-X project manufactured at ''INTERSURF" Israeli Surfing Company, With the knowledge and experience of the shapers , Nir Almog and Rami Dvash. Personal support by Itzik Anavy.

    Natural-X it's also about style - Golden logo is optional, and Other special accessories.

    Owning this surfboard makes you part of special group, surfers with a Clear Eco statement.

    Enjoy surfing.